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The City of Brighton and Hove

Brighton and Hove, a City on the South Coast in East Sussex has a population of over 300,000 people, two Universities, and a population which is bursting with creativity, culture and historical importance. The Charity Sector here is strong and we are the number one city for new business start-ups and recently became the first city in the country to adopt a homeless bill of rights. Brighton and Hove is made up of villages which later merged into a city in 2000, Brighton and Hove, and not forgetting Portslade has seen massive growth in recent years.

There is however huge disparity between those with opportunity and those with barriers often preventing them from opportunity and attainment. This can be reflected in local campaigns such as ClassDivide and the Gasworks Campaign.

Whitehawk in East Brighton is an amazing community, neighbours are friendly and when there is an issue, everyone mucks in. However it is a community which is on the breadline, the inequality gap is growing and the community continues to be left behind as Brighton and Hove grows. Years of under investment and management of the community from the top down has led this area being left in decline. In recent years a renewed focus on the area has brought a lot of new energy and hope. 

Brighton and Hove Parks and Playgrounds

Brighton and Hove City Council owns and maintains 55 playgrounds in the city of which 15 playgrounds are owned by the Housing Department.

Following the Open Spaces consultation in 2017, Park Life Brighton Founded, and we were one of the first campaigns to to achieve a new playground as part of the project, however our Middle Park funding came from Developer Contributions Section 106 money, not from general budgets. Stanmer Park also completed a new playground with a member of staff from City Parks called Rob, who Park Life Brighton worked with in the early days. 

A list of all playgrounds in Brighton and Hove can be found on the Brighton and Hove City Council Website.