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Park Life Brighton Campaign for better playground facilities, visible youth engagement presence in the area and to ensure our shared spaces are more sustainable, green and safe.

Developing our Vision for Outdoor Play

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How We Started

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Park Life Brighton started with resident meetings to engage and develop our shared community aims, values and build that into a vision.

Being residents and parents ourselves, we value resident feedback / involvement and put this at the heart of everything we do!

Including Ensuring Young People have a voice and say.

Park Life Brighton Park Projects

Middle Park: Whitehawk Way

checking in on the new park

Our consultations and extensive feedback sessions revealed that residents wanted the middle park in Whitehawk as the location to spend the £140k budget to extend the existing playground space.

Phase One: is 95% Complete.

Phase Two: Involves improving the space and area, adding new playground equipment, for example for ages 11+ 

Top Park: Swanborough

checking in on the new park

This playground which is located around tower blocks is vital and desperately in need of things to engage the children in play, currently residents pop in and leave quite quickly complaining of boredom.

£40,000 has been allocated for this space to have an uplift. Park Life Brighton will be lobbying, campaigning and fundraising for more funds as considering the local demographic with a lot of children with no gardens and living in flats, we think this park deserves more attention. 

What we have achieved so far:


Park Life Brighton have trained child play facilitators and volunteers with various skills, including lived parenting experience which helps with our child engagement, park events play  our play days. 

  1. First Aid Trained
  2. Child Safeguarding
  3. Legal Awareness
  4. Campaigning
  5. Resident Engagement
  6. Building Resilience



We have found the best way to engage with residents is to do this in and around events.

Our Summer Community Events are a collaboration between local community groups, charities and our local church to enable residents to socialise, come together and be exposed to creativity, culture, music and a fun environment for their children and family to enjoy. 

Diversity & Inclusion

We put on fun and engaging events and get over 500 locals of all age groups, including minority groups, such as the disabled, LGBT and Black and Ethnic Minority Groups.

Our Playground designs are Accessible and Inclusive as is the case with our meetings.

We have a diverse Volunteering Team.

Future Plans

Our Vision

Covid-19 has rightly meant more funding has gone toward those struggling with the pandemic. Our plans are to come out of this with a united community vision for change.

We feel teenagers and young people are the key to a thriving community and ensuring they have a place of their own. County Lines, Crime and Anti-social behaviour can be prevented if young people have opportunities and youth engagement. Park Life Brighton are pushing forward with a new community skate park and to fundraise for more playground equipment for teenagers.

In recent years Whitehawks vast green open spaces have been at risk of being developed on. We have plans to further improve the middle park green area to incorporate more tree planting and better connections via our Outdoor Facilities.

Our Team took part in the URBACT EU Project and have continued to work collaboratively with local organisations to achieve our aims for the area.

Further resident engagement is needed to ensure the top park project and other projects reflect the needs of the service users.

Park Life Brighton are much more successful than the Brighton and Hove City Council around Resident Engagement, We Plan to do more surveys and consultations, and project reports to evidence our work. 

Without funding we cannot fulfil our vision, Whitehawk and the Extended BN2 5 Postcode area have high levels inequality and this can only be reversed with investment in our community and our most engaging and transparant community groups.