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  • Whitehawk Way, Brighton. East Sussex

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What We Do:

  1. – We are an unincorporated community association, set up by residents living in Whitehawk, which is a large housing estate in Brighton.
  2. – We campaign on local Issues primarily from the Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate Community.
  3. – We consult and actively engage local people through facebook and Instagram local groups, as well as face to face engagements to ensure residents can play a role and help shape the changes our community want and need.
  4. – We host annual community events, with the aims of; free events, food and drink at cost, bringing the community together, adding in creative aspects and healthy elements to encourage all to have a fun day. We often consult at our events. 
  5. – We play an active role in facilitating, planning and designing the future spaces such as the Middle Park.