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How will my donation be used?

Can I make a donation by cheque?

Yes Please Make Cheques Payable to Park Life Brighton

How do I report an Issue In a Children's Playground?

The best way to deal with disrepair and other playground issues is to contact City Parks Directly. The Email Address is; cityparks@brighton-hove.gov.uk

How can I apply for a volunteer role with you?

Thank you for your interest. the best way to get involved is to email us with your details and we will arrange to meet with you and discuss how you can help Park Life Brighton. Our email is team@parklifebrighton.org.uk

Where is The Middle Park Located?

The Middle Park Is Located in Whitehawk. The number 1, 1a and 21 buses take you to St Cuthmans Church, The Middle Park is located just behind the Church.

How are My Local Elected Councillors

The Elected Councillors for Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate are: Nancy Platts, Gill Williams (Labour) and Nikkie Brennan (Independant)