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Whitehawk is one of the most deprived areas in Brighton and Hove, with almost 8000 residents calling the Whitehawk estate, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate home. Some 45% of local children in the area are in poverty, this is compared to 19% for England. The area is in crisis, with mental health and long term illnesses, including obesity, eclipsing the national average almost all residents in the area are affected by health inequality and this needs to be reversed to increase life expectancy. Park Life Brighton was established to bring free and affordable activities for locals and facilitate the community to engage in learning new skills through play, which we know helps improve self-confidence and over health issues.

Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate Deserve Better

According to the Sussex Community Foundation’s 2016 report, East Brighton ranks in the top 10 areas nationally for living environment deprivation, and is the highest in Sussex on the same index. Yet the area’s parks are chronically underfunded. Play facilities in Whitehawk and Queens Park are worn, broken and unsafe. The playgrounds at Swanborough, Crew Club and Meadow View are neglected and depressing. Back in 2001 East Brighton hosted bike championships, but now the BMX track in Sheepcote Valley has been left abandoned. Although 50% of East Brighton households have people under 16, there is no public outdoor space that caters for all age ranges. A visit to one of the city’s inner parks is time consuming and costly for families on a low income. East Brighton is not being treated fairly. Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate Deserve Better!

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Facts About Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate, taken from different sources, such as the ClassDivide Campaign


  • The Council’s data reveals that only 37% young people from Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate equipped with basic grades at GCSE English and Maths in 2019, leaving school at a serious disadvantage to the citywide average of 69% that year.

  • Despite being half as likely to succeed in these subjects, there is no strategy in place from Brighton & Hove City Council to address this.

  • The basic grades gap is not confined to English and Maths. Attainment 8 – a measure of a pupil’s average grade across a set suite of eight subjects – for young people from Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate was 32.2 in 2019 compared to 47.6 for young people in the rest of Brighton and Hove.

  • Children and young people from the East Brighton communities of Whitehawk, Manor Farm and Bristol Estate are twice as likely as their counterparts across Brighton and Hove to be excluded from school at least once.

  • They are three times more likely than other children in Brighton and Hove to be educated at a special school or pupil referral unit.



  • 7,741 people 100% experience 1 or more of the following: · Shortened life expectancy · Illness and disability · emergency hospital admissions · Mood and anxiety disorders 100% compared to 19.8% for England.


  • East Brighton is in the top 10% least economically advantaged areas in the country and 43% of children living in the ward live in poverty.

  • East Brighton Food Co-operative have cooked and delivered 135,000 + free freshly made gourmet meals across the City of Brighton & Hove since the first lock down in March 2020. Stark evidence this community have been hit by rising household bills and general expenses.