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  • Whitehawk Way, Brighton. East Sussex

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Learning, Play and Fun for Children in Whitehawk

Whitehawk is a diverse community with a large number of under 16 year olds living in the area. 

  • Children need 3 hours of physical activity per day. A Child’s Right to Play is essential and a human right under UN Conventions.


Park Life: Play in The Park

Sessions For many parents in whitehawk, especially single parents it’s hard enough being able to get the maximum allowance of childcare / nursery hours, without having to worry children being bored in local parks which are not fit for purpose.

We listened to the residents when they said the top park was dangerous and poorly planned without real consultation. Evie and Caitlin started the Play in The Park Sessions as a way of ensuring local children achieved the three hours active exercise and play each day.

We are a voluntary organization and have been able to put on two weekly 2 hours + play sessions in the Park. Because of some kind grants Park Life were able to purchase a variety of games, toys and puzzles. We store these in a small 1980’s style BBC Childrens TV Broom Cupboard in Swanborough Flats. It has been a lifesaver for parents and kids this summer where activities and spending on summer activities has his record lows, leaving locals with near on nothing to do.

We are currently looking for a venue locally in the winter to continue the play sessions.