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Whitehawk Skatepark Research Project: Community Demographics

a shared vision for an outstanding skatepark in Whitehawk

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Our Audience & Community Demographics

Whitehawk Research Contents:

We have created and condensed these reports into 4 page. Click on the options below to take you to the reports.  

1- Children and Young people and Education Data Report and Population Data Report

2- Deprivation Data Report and Health Report

3- Crime Report & Economy Report

4- Housing Report and Other Important Information

Whitehawk Skatepark Research Project:

Whitehawk Community Boundary

whitehawk area only data report image map

Children & young people at a glance....

– Whitehawk has a total estimated population of 4,666 (2020 ONS Report) 28% of that population are under the age on 18.

– That accounts for over 1,400 people as highlighted in table 1 & 2 below. 

– The total number of under 25 year olds living in Whitehawk only is 1,735.

– This is massively higher than the Brighton and England Average. 

– The Majority of these people live in Local Council Homes. 

– The Number of Children living in a low income family for the Whitehawk area is 41%. That is 4 in 10 children. (2016)

– For the wider BN2 5 Postcode area this reduces to 37%.

– Over 1,200 people living in Whitehawk area have no educational qualifications, that is roughly 4 in every 10 adults. Double the English Average which is about 2 in 10. 

– Around 11 percent of locals have achieved at least a Degree or 1 in 10. For England this is around 30% or 3 in 10 people achieve a Degree.  (2011 Census)

Children, Young People and Education

What does the data tell us...

We are a very young estate in terms of the age of our residents. We do not have a high school in the area and  there is still a massive inequality gap within the Whitehawk Community, let alone when we compare our neighbourhoods data and demographics to other areas locally, the city itself and the English average. 



A Vision For Change

In a community where it is a challenge to access decent services and community facilities and a lack of awareness of the local demographic, needs of the community and funding deprivation, we are doing this project to evidence the need for change. 

We champion grassroots resident led projects!

A few solutions to tackle these issues...

1735 people under 25 living in the area. What do they have?

drone stunt hove skatepark

Our Playgrounds: These are all for under 12s to be honest, and we need to have outdoor spaces for older youth groups. The net loss of one playground in the area, two you include the old playground behind the high rise flats is a disappointment. These spaces should have areas for the 12+ age range and equipment which attracts that group. 

One Community Building Open: The Crew Club a council owned building is really the only space open with meaningful activities for under 25’s, with others remaining closed off. With the large number of community folk in that age group, there is a need for indoor soft play, social facilities and places people can learn, organise and continue to improve the services they need. 

Sports & Recreation: We have some great facilities here in Whiethawk already, the playing pitches, the basketball courts, and our wonderful outdoor spaces nearby. What is missing is that one big space where young people can gather, relax and engage in a challenging sport, which is popular in Brighton and Hove. A Skatepark is a destination and a vehicle for youth engagement. There is safety in numbers. Great for health and mental health. Building resilience, respect for others and competitiveness. All key skills to succeed in life.

Let us know what you would like to see in our community and what you think about these statistics.