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Latest News

Middle Park Update: Summer Is Fast Approaching When Will The Floor Be Sorted...?

This spring has brought some big changes in terms of campaigning for local issues, with a general election just around the corner, Park Life Brighton have been in active campaigning mode following the widely reported dispute over the substandard Mulsh Safety Flooring installed in the recent refurbishment and expansion of the playground which was to make the new playground more accessible for local families. Cllr McGregor & Williams started a petition stating: “The community in Whitehawk deserve better.  

In October we opened a brilliant new park for the kids but the contractor that the council hired put down a surface that has stained clothes and left black marks all over everyone that’s used it. 

The park has been closed for months. Eibe Play Ltd are the contractors and they refuse to pay the whole £90,000 it will cost to resurface the park. 

We demand that Eibe Play Ltd take immediate action to resurface the middle park and ensure it is safe for everyone. Sign this petition to hold them accountable, we shouldn’t have to pay for their mistake. “

We want to gain 1250 signatures to Make Eibe Play Ltd Pay to Resurface Whitehawk’s Middle Park.

Whitehawk Skatepark Location Consultation

In 2021 park life Brighton did a community consultation as a first step toward getting a skate park for the area, giving residents a vote on four locations. You can view the first location consultation Survey Results here. Brighton & Hove City Council Identified a piece of land which is located on the pitches just off Whitehawk Road, and opposite Whitehawk Community Academy as a site for a skate park in the area, and Park Life Brighton have decided to do another consultation with local residents and stakeholders, including skateboarders on the specific site identified.

Do you think there should be a skatepark in Whitehawk?

Please do a few minutes to share your views in the consultation the more voices we have around the location the better.

Top Park: Clearing Weeds Preparing For Planting

We have also been busy cleaning and tidying up the top park playground area and will be planting in the near future. If you live in the area and want to get involved let Evie or one of the team know, or drop us an email.