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Whitehawk Research Project: Deprivation & Health Report

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Our Audience & Community Demographics

Whitehawk Research Contents:

1- Children and Young people and Education Data Report Population Data Report

2- Deprivation Data Report & Health Report

3- Crime Report & Economy Report

4- Housing Report & Other Important Information

Whitehawk Skatepark Research & Evidence Project:

Whitehawk Community Boundary

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Deprivation and Health Statistics at a glance....

The Whitehawk estate is still within the top 10% deprived areas in the country. This has improved slightly since 2015.

– 38% of the population in Whitehawk report very good health. The England Average is 47%. 

– 10% Self Reported either Very bad or bad health. These are above the England Average. 


– 13% of the local population reported their activity is limited a lot. 

– That is 12.5% of the Whitehawk Community vs England Average of 8%

Health and Deprivation Whitehawk

What does the data tell us...

The data above have been taken largely from the 2011 ONS census data. We are still waiting for the recent census data to be updated. 

Whilst there has been a slight improvement the Whitehawk area is still within the top 10% of the most deprived areas in the country. 


A Vision For Change

Certainly having the Whitehawk hub which includes a GP Surgery, Dentist and other health related stuff and community related facilities has helped. 

– We still do not know what impact the covid-19 pandemic has had on overall health of this community. 

– Crew Club in Whitehawk do lots of various activity groups, running, walking etc. 

– There have been a lot of suggestions for an outdoor gym facility but also how accessible are our local Gym and Sports facilities for the community. 

This data doesn’t tell us what addictions the community struggle with and it fails to provide info on mental health and age related limited activities.

We will update this page when we have those statistics. 

A few solutions to tackle these issues...

What can the community do to further improve access to health and fitness facilities, recovery and accessibility for all age ranges?