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Middle Park Whitehawk Facilities and Playground Equipment

Building a playground which better reflects the needs of those living in and around the space, this new playground space incorporates inclusive play, we have opted for a park which uses quality sustainable equipment. Other Features Include:

Middle Park Whitehawk Location

Middle Park Whitehawk is located just behind St Cuthmans' Church, on Whitehawk Way.
Bus Services Include: 1, 1a and 21. You can get off at the St Cuthmans' Church bus stop which is a 2 min walk away from the playground.
Just down from the playground includes basketball courts , playing fields and the Crew Club.

How Did The Middle Park Whitehawk Project Progress

The Middle Park Whitehawk is an exciting new playground project which started after we successfully campaigned for £140,000 from housing developer funds to transform for the playground area. The space is really versatile and is now a well used space by local children and families and hosts community events in the warmer months. 

The Challenge To Improve The Space

Phase one of the middle park whitehawk project is complete, this was to install an extension to replace the playground outside the crew club.

Phase Two Plans Include:
Installing New Facilities: Storage Container Units, Cafe, Storage and a Managed Toilet Facility
Adding New Shade Areas and a Community BBQ
New Playground Equipment for over 11's
Tree Planting, Wildflower Verges and Planting Projects to Improve the Space
Better Lighting to increase safety, Better Access to Water and Power for Community Events
Extending The Playground Area, Including more Items for Toddlers. More Sensory Equipment and Areas for Teens.

All trading on publicly owned spaces should should include a condition that organisations must ringfence and spend profits and donations on improving the playground for the area of benefit.

Play Video about Middle Park Whitehawk Big Build Pirate Ship

The Original Design From Ebie Play was a little dull, whilst we loved the items and equipment we needed design changes to incorporate the best aspects of an alternative design, which the community chose,  but fell though during the procurement process.

Middle Park Whitehawk Original Design

Middle Park Whitehawk Re-Design

COVID-19 has impacted our community immensely, more people than ever are enjoying our outdoor spaces and as we rebuild our communities its important Whitehawk is not left behind.