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Top Park Whitehawk Facilities and Playground Equipment

Building a playground which better reflects the needs of those living in and around the space, is located just off Near Swanborough Drive. The area has a large concentration of families living in the tower blocks, and access to Whitehawk Playing Pitches and Whitehawk Hill which are nearby. Sadly this forgotten playground is in urgent need of a revamp as residents largely stay away. Features Include:

Top Park Whitehawk Playground Location

Top Park Playground Whitehawk is located near Swanborough Drive, on Whitehawk Way.
Bus Stop Name is Swallow Court and services Include: 1, 1a and 21.
This is the small green area at the top which is just in from of the tower blocks. South West there are playing pitches, with the Crew Club at the bottom of the image. To the North you have access to the South Downs.


The Top Park Playground Located in North Whitehawk  was recently provided just £40,000 from an allocated award of £3.2m to improve Brighton and Hove’s Children’s Playgrounds. The Middle Park Project was awarded £140k which came from a different source of funding to the above. When Park Life Brighton started the Top Park was always mentioned, and we agreed to prioritise the Middle Park. However the Covid-19 Pandemic has meant the North of Whitehawk have really been waiting now one year longer than they should have, and that is without considering that basically the Top Park Playground has been pushed to the back of the entire playground redevelopment project plans. Adding another year or maybe more before we will see a tangible playground space. This is unacceptable for such a large estate which generates a large income for the Local Council. 

The Challenge To Improve The Space

The Top Park Playground urgently needs change and there are now the foundations of a solid community supported campaign to get the space the community want and need:

What Have Park Life Brighton Done So Far:
Held Community Play Dates: This encouraged locals to feedback areas they wanted change, highlight issues
Community Meetings To: Discuss Wants and Needs
75% of our volunteers live in the tower blocks and have children under ten years old
Spoken to locals and gathered feedback

What Is Coming Up:
Community Action Day. March 22nd. Neighbourhood Action Plan Consultation - Trust For Developing Communities Led.
Art Mural On The Large Climbing Wall in The Top Park.

Top Park Playground Priority Areas:
Lobby For More Funding. £50k Target!
Adding New Shade Areas and a Community Storage Facility for Events and Activities
New Playground Equipment
Tree Planting, Wildflower Verges and Planting Projects to Improve the Space in and around
Comprehensive Consultation & Project Delivered To This Plan
Children Consulted and Their Rights Respected

All trading on publicly owned spaces should include a condition that organisations must ringfence and spend profits and donations on improving the playground for the area of benefit.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

Helen Keller: American author, disability rights advocate

The Original Design From Ebie Play was a little dull, whilst we loved the items and equipment we needed design changes to incorporate the best aspects of an alternative design, which the community chose,  but fell though during the procurement process.

Top Park Whitehawk Playground Gallery

COVID-19 has impacted our community immensely, more people than ever are enjoying our outdoor spaces and as we rebuild our communities its important Whitehawk is not left behind.