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Skatepark Project Whitehawk

Everyone is positive about the Whitehawk Skatepark Project, it truly is a cross community project. Here are some of the best bits so far from the campaign work we have been doing. You can see where we are getting our inspiration from and if you are a skateboarder living in East Brighton or a Young Person, then why not Join the project and Campaign.

Please Note: There is an application Form to Participate at the bottom of this page. 

Whitehawk Skatepark: An Enthusiastic Start

Recently residents and young people from across the BN2 5 Postcode area, covering Whitehawk, Bristol Estate and Manor Hill met with Ricardo the projects Skatepark designer and other like minded people to move the plans forward for our area’s first Skatepark installation.

Building a Skatepark Destination

Building a skatepark which reflects the needs of those living in and around the space as well as expanding the cities offering and relieving congestion on some of the other existing sites something worth considering from our feedback. As the project develops we will update this page with the elements our skatepark incorporates Such as: inclusive spaces for all abilities, quality sustainable materials, good lighting etc and other features around:

Those are just a few suggestions the materials used for construction should be of high quality with a long life.

Play Video about Middle Park Whitehawk Big Build Pirate Ship


Following the inaugural project meeting we are now actively recruiting young people to take part in the project and help develop and inform. These should be existing skaters from all ability levels and ages under the age of 26 and those with an interest in taking up skateboarding, scooters and/or biking?

The project Plans involve:

  1. Skateboarding Workshops: Run at BYC and on site at Skatekpark Locations  (Please Note: Under 16s Will Need Parents Signed Permission To Take Park in The Project).
  2. Designing the SkatePark – Working With The Skatepark Designer. Users will be important in leading the design to ensure the park is suitable. 
  3. Skatepark Youth Council: You will meet Regularly for socials and to work and scrutinise the project. 
Full Training will be provided and what an amazing thing to put on your CV and to be actively involved in. We strongly encourage you to sign up and take part in shaping your community. 

Whitehawk SkatePark Resident / Young Person Permission / Application Form

On order to join the project we will need those interested to complete the following form. This is for policy purposes around permissions, safeguarding and commitment.  

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What do you think of the project so far? leave us your thoughts